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Event Resources

The YM360 team approached me with a design problem which turned into a technology problem. My favorite kind. Their order process for event resources resembled an online form you hope you never have to fill out. Instead of providing a form in the traditional sense, I offered a step by step process of building an order for customer’s events. Users add to their order physical goods like books and t-shirts then my program adds everything to a Magento cart. (They have since updated my tool to work with Shopify.)


  • HTML/CSS/Javascript

  • AngularJS

  • Magento - Ecommerce software

  • WordPress - Operates as a headless API

Biggest Challenge:

Integrating anything with Magento can sometimes be an exercise in frustration. Especially if you’re working with an existing Magento site, not building one from scratch. But by using the built in methods in Magento, I crafted some in-script API like objects allowing me to treat the products like the API Magento v1.8 didn’t have.