CORE Real Estate Website

Luxury Wordpress

We positioned CORE’s website as a premier luxury real estate experience. We had to deliver on the promise of truly high end performance and capability.

What my team and I built left nothing on the table.


  • WordPress

  • Vue

  • html/css/javascript/jQuery

  • Perchwell - RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard) Integration through a custom plugin

  • AWS


Create a visually stunning website which easily guides new homebuyers through the thousands of New York luxury real estate listings.

Biggest Challenge:

The REBNY Real Estate Transaction Standards feed was out of date and had wildly varying data formatting. CORE partnered with Perchwell to create a best-in-class RETS feed. However, with 24,000 listings and over 700,000 images, no existing WordPress importer would do the job. So I set out to craft a custom importer built for WordPress.

Every hour, thousands of properties and their large, beautiful images are routed through WordPress into Algolia for crafting a seamless user experience. I leveraged Algolia for filtering/faceting, autocomplete, relevancy, and more. This creates a lightning fast search experience rivaling those of companies many times their size.