Proof of Concept



BittyBID was built around this idea of a lightning-fast micro-lottery game. To play, a user deposits their cryptocurrency then buys a ‘bid’ or a chance to win the prize. After all bids in a game are bought, a winner is selected. The player can then choose to cash out, or keep it in the system and add 15%.


A concept in bitcoin gambling, “Provably Fair”, is a feature meant to show that the game hasn’t been altered once started.

When a game begins, the winning number is chosen, then run through a hashing algorithm. The hash is visible on each game. After the game ends, a key to the hash is provided to prove the game wasn’t tampered with.


  • Javascript

  • PHP

  • AJAX

  • Blockchain

Biggest Challenge:

Working with cryptocurrency can be a challenge for a number of reasons. Price fluctuations. Double-spend. Security. Legality. Additionally, many 3rd party services don’t allow gambling content so using tools avoiding many known 3rd party services increased that challenge.