Altec Tour App

Heads up

Altec is a leading provider of products and services to the electric utility, telecommunications, tree care, lights and signs, and contractor markets. Throughout each of their plants, they use a unique process to manufacture each of their products. We wanted a way to showcase each of the individual stations to tour participants in a way they hadn’t seen before.

Each tour member gets an iPad and is led by a guide with an iPad which controls all the others. As the tour winds its way through a plant, the members on the tour have access to videos, images, and additional information about each stop when they get there.


  • Ionic

  • AngularJS

  • Firebase - Real time database

  • WordPress - Manages all content for the app. Acts as a headless API.

Biggest Challenge

I wanted a single iPad app capable of both being a tour member but also guide the tours as well. At the same time, all the iPads had to update immediately when the guide pressed the “eyes up” button or switched stops to ensure all tour members viewing the same content. I used technology usually reserved for instant messaging or app state management to achieve this. Pairing AngularjS and Firebase, I was able to use a feature called 3 way data binding. This means I can push a button on my iPad, it pushes up to Firebase, and Firebase disseminates the information uniformly over every device simultaneously.

Here’s a video showing how it works: